Celestine -made in Germany-
Be. conscious.

Lingerie   Cosmetics
Lingerie   For over 30 years, the name CELESTINE has stood for lingerie that is exceptional in every respect. The designer Cordula Huber-Harth, who founded the firm, uses the finest cotton, precious lace and embroidery in her collections: the garments are sought-after collectors' items throughout the world. Her style is unique: delicate, with a clear message and a luxurious simplicity that is everlasting.
  Cosmetics With the new CELESTINE cosmetics line, there is now a perfume to make the day, too, special and exquisite. Light, transparent and glowing to the touch. Pure, white in its core tones. Warm and dear in its depths. A scent that frees the senses and wakens one's awareness of the essential. A call to Be. Conscious.