Celestine -made in Germany-
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for Woman
Soap with dish
Eau de Parfum
Body Lotion

for Men
Eau de Toilette
Soap with dish

Cosmetics for Women -
Porcelain soap dish with cake of soap

Lovers of fine porcelain will be delighted by this two-part soap dish with the CELESTINE medallion imprinted in a biscuit finish. This is a collector's item. Thanks to the outlet in its base, the precious soap inside it is kept dry. The upper part, bearing the CELESTINE medallion in a biscuit finish, can either be put on the dish as a lid, or can be placed underneath it to catch drips from the soap. CELESTINE SOAP, made from the finest natural ingredients, combines unique perfume and lavish hand-care in a way that makes it a joy to use each day.

Porcelain soap dish in two parts, with cake of soap
75 g net · wt 2.5 oz.