Celestine -made in Germany-
Be. conscious.
for Woman
Soap with dish
Eau de Parfum
Body Lotion

for Men
Eau de Toilette
Cosmetics for Women

The new dimension of CELESTINE cosmetics was created by the designer Cordula Huber-Harth for those who know what it is to Be. Conscious. Naturalness and authenticity define clear organic forms in the ellipse, a symbol of eternity. The perfect oval makes the flacons pleasant to hold in the hand and to admire in a collection. Valuable contents. A characteristic perfume composed from the finest natural ingredients. Pure CELESTINE scent strengthens your aura, one that says Be. Conscious.

Cosmetics for Men

Duality is the source of all power. CELESTINE cosmetics now reveals its masculine side with CELESTINE for men. A fragrance that is duality itself. Warm and intimate. With enticing depths and an uplifting balance. An elegant, classical perfume whose fresh nuances inspire you to explore a new dimension and to Be. Conscious.